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Jen K

I am so impressed you can get up early in the morning. I really wish I could do that!! I need my sleep...maybe if I went to bed earlier?! I can't wait to see Colton's room. It's going to be so cute. So, are we not painting it green now?


No, funny thing. We are going to paint it back to the original color. So all I will need from you is to cut in the original color :) I am going to do color on the walls but leave them white so it stands out for him!


Funny you ask.....All I need you to do is paint back over the green :) I am going to put color on the walls, maybe lines or something, but leave it white so there is a big contrast of color. I also am going to buy one of the cat in the hat decals for the wall. So when you want to do this? I can make lunch, watch the kids, you can bring your laundry, whatever you want :)


Sounds like you're most productive when you're a mommy of six! :) Enjoy your weekend with Dusty home!

Jen K

We can do it anytime. :)

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