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Jen K

I am glad you're not feeling overwhelmed!! It's so exciting to see Colton progress so much. I especially love how he says Aunt Jen. :) Can't wait to see Syd dance either!!


You have such a thankful attitude honey! Lots going on but sooooo many answers to our prayers! PTL! And Aunt Jen, I hate to burst your bubble...........Colton calls me (literally), almost every day! hmmmm. :)


I enjoyed getting a look at your weekly life. Love your attitude! The sun is out here today too, makes me happy!


Seriously, I don't know how you do it all. You are an incredible woman! I am so thankful for the peace that God has given you. Your little guy is such a gift from God. He has taught us all so much. I love you little Cole! You're so precious, I could just eat you up.

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