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Great recap from Thanksgiving. It's always eventful with our family. Poor Gracie. I hope she is feeling better. And that Colton, why does he always have to scare us? I am so glad you didn't have to make a second trip to the ER. I'm glad he found a new buddy. I know you had a great time with the Powell's and I soooo wish we could've been there. We will be there next year! Wish I could've seen the six inch flame on the potatoes. That's hilarious. Well, maybe not at the time, but now we can all smile about it. That is so sweet that Jodi and Tyler sang Colton to sleep. How precious is that? There is nothing better than family! I love you all and can't wait to see you in a few short weeks for Christmas.

jen smith

wow. you had a busy morning. sounds like the rest of it went well. and your first turkey are a brave woman. i still let my mom or mother in law do it :o)

jen k

Ok, I just realized that I can't possibly post a comment on each of these posts.....I'm way too behind!! :) Your thanksgiving sounds wonderful and I'm so glad the kids are okay. I missed you guys more than you know!!


Great post Sar! Thanksgiving was very enjoyable with good company & awesome food! Thanks so much for being willing to accept the "torch", everything was awesome!


Things are never boring with your family are they? :) I'm glad you all had a wonderful holiday! Sounds like you did a great job hosting for the first time!

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