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Your house is so beautiful and so warm! I love the time time we spent in it, when you guys have us over. I just wanted to let you know that I'm thankful for our friendship.


You do have a home full of things to be thankful for. I wish so, so badly that we could be there this year for Thanksgiving. Believe me, I have struggled with this. It is so hard to be away, but you all will be in my heart as well. God must have a purpose for this. I miss you all lots and am counting down the days til Christmas when we can be together. Have fun and enjoy your time with everyone (lucky Powell family). :)

jen k

What a great post, Sar!! Your home is beautiful and will be filled with lots of family memories, even when I am not there....sniff, sniff....:)


So glad that we get to spend the next few days with you guys and enjoy your home!...sorry Harrington's :( we will miss you guys this year! See you tomorrow!


I bet you are so excited to have your first holiday season in your OWN house!!

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