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What kind of business would you own? That would be kind of cool and kind of scary! I wish we had better grocery stores around here too.


So much fun to read! So you!

Jen K

Great list, Sar!! Definitely so you. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you owned your own business someday. I can't believe you like grocery shopping. That's not one of my faves!!

andrea f

That was a fun list to read. While I know I was not made to be the mom of 17 kids I too am intrigued by those shows on TLC. It definately takes a patient person to mother like that :)


These all could've come off of my list! Well, not number 2 but definitely the rest. I was just talking to a friend about grocery shopping. She hates it but I love it for all the reasons you gave.
Thanks for sharing!


Great list Sara. I am so intrigued by big families as well. They are so fun to watch. You are an excellent cook/baker. I wish I could be a fourth as good as you. My poor family. I do love a trip to the grocery store by myself when I can roam up and down each isle and take as long as I want. I do not however, like coming home and having to put all the groceries away. Maybe if I was a little more organized in the meal planning area, I would enjoy it more. Always an ongoing goal of mine. Thanks for sharing. Hmm, now I have to think of 6 things about me. Could take a while. :)

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