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wow!! love what dusty had to say. i guess even cowboys can be big softies! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Jen K

Wow, duddy, I am impressed. So sweet! Glad that made your day, Sar, you deserve it!


very sweet!! i'm glad you had a fab birthday. i agree with jen, you deserve it! :)


Hey Dusty, Hallmark called, they want their card back. :) So glad you had fun & got spoiled sweetie, you so deserve it! Love you!

andrea f

Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one. That was such a sweet note from Dusty!


That was goosebump giving sweet. Good work Dusty! And happy birthday Sara!


So sweet! Glad you had a great birthday!


That is a nice card! He has a way with words. Maybe on the side he could be a greeting card writer for Hallmark! Glad you were spoiled on your birthday!!


oooh Sara! that was so sweet of Dusty, I'm glad you had a great Birthday....


That is SO SWEET. What an awesome gift from your hubby. Thanks for sharing. It made me smile. I love you and I'mm so happy your birthday was fabulous!


ok so i FINALLY decided it was time to post a comment. i think i picked the best one to respond to. what a great gift! maybe he could give his bro some tips!! JK....

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