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Oh Sar bear! What a great list! It so made me cry! I don't think I add to it but I am so happy you listed so many reasons we love and celebrate our Sami Jo! Happy Birthday sweetheart - we love you. Ok, now I'm laughing. So many cute & quirky things about her!

Jen K

Wow, Sar! This is an awesome list of Sam! Everything on it perfectly describes her. I love the quirky things too. Makes me smile. Have a fab birthday, Sam!! Love you!


Have a great day Sam! Happy Birthday! Sara I loved reading all you had to say about your little sister.

andrea f

Wow, all these September bdays in one family! Happy Birthday Sam!!


Thank you so much Sara for this post!! It was so thoughtful of you and made me feel extra special today. :) A few of them definitely made me laugh (starbucks, spaghetti legs). Ha! I actually just thought about spaghetti legs a couple days ago. I was so frustrated about something and I kept telling Kevin to help me think of something else. I told him I felt like I was a little kid and was losing control of my body! Ha, ha. Thank goodness I did outgrow that. :) I absolutely love my purse and scarf. Seriously the purse is just perfect. How did you know?!? Love you!


What a wonderful tribute to your sister! Happy B-day Sam.


Wow Sara, that is such an awesome list and so perfectly describes Sammy Jo. I loved reading it. It definitely made me smile!

Jen K

OK, so Sam's birthday is long about a new post from you? :)

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