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Happy Birthday my sweet girl! Sara says a lot about who you are and it's so true! I don't think I can put into words what you mean to me & this little world you live in but I can say that my heart absolutely explodes with love, pride, respect, joy, and excitement, when I think of you. You are truly every mother, sister, child, & friends dream come true! You are beautiful Jen & I love you and thank God that I've had the privilege of being your mom! I LOVE YOU!

Jen K

Aww, you guys aren't supposed to make me cry on my birthday!! Thank you SO much for your sweet post, Sar. I love you too and am so glad I have you. You're the best!! Thanks, mom, for you sweet words too. I have the best family EVAH!


That is so sweet and perfectly describes her. I hope your birthday is wonderful Jen. I love you!


Happy Birthday Jen!

andrea f

So sweet! Happy Bday Jen!!

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