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i love the library! i went the other day to look for a book for myself and emmett had a great time in the kids section!


I love all your ideas, I might have to steal a few of them. -And I really want to see pictures of your house! Sorry, just one more thing to your list.


Love your lists sweetie! Sounds like fun and very rewarding for all of you! Hey, I'll come for a little "sun-rising" time! :) Have fun!


You're a blogging fool! I love your ideas. I'll think about it a little and come back later to comment. :)


Your last two posts have had lots of things that have been "hot topics" around here too. It must come with the start of school.
The last thing you posted today - about notes & fun snacks & surprises - are all things I love to do. I surprised the boys with new shirts today (will be posted on my blog later) and it was so fun..for all of us. :) One more thing and I'll stop. I put notes in Garrett & Kylee's lunch every day. Last week Garrett asked me if I was going to do it everyday he was in 1st grade. I hesitantly answered yes, thinking he didn't like it. He said, "Okay. What about 2nd grade?" Again I hesitantly answered, "Probably." A big smile broke out on his face and he said, "Oh good. I really like it when you do that." Made me happy. :)

Jen K

I can't believe you blogged again!! Again, more great ideas. We need to help each other remember to do these things!!


Another great list. Keep the ideas coming.

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