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jen smith

be sure and share the idea for the back to school dinner. enjoy your last day before school.

Jen K

We had a pretty lazy day ourselves. Today is the day to get ready and then they're off tomorrow. :( Enjoy your last day!


I hope you enjoyed your last lazy day yesterday. I'm sure today is going to be a little crazy trying to get everything ready. I would love to hear more about your back to school dinner. Sounds like a fun idea. Even though things may be hectic in the morning, try to enjoy it. It is such a special day. Wish I was there to help you out. :)


Sounds like a great way to spend the day.


Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning too. :)

Keri B

Sara! This is Keri B. from Bunco...I found your blog from someone else's. I lost your number after I saw you at Fred Meyer but I still want to come to Bunco again, call me if you ever need subs! If you need my number, email me at I can't believe how much your kids have grown up, they are so cute! If you want you can check out my blog at
Hope to hear from you soon!!

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