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So fun Sar, I loved it! You make me smile sweetie! Love you!

Jen K

It's awesome looking back. I remember you trying to sell cars you crazy girl! You guys have gone through so much in the last few years. You have an awesome attitude though - just enjoying life and being thankful. Man, time flies though!!


Yeah, thanks for doing this. I am glad that Audrey is fine! What a blessing and yeah for finally being in your house!


So neat to read all that! You have had a very eventful life the past few years!


Wow, Sara you have had a lot going on! I am thankful that God healed your beautiful little girl! Next year I want to be doing all the same things you said, except with my own hubby:)


when are you going to post pictures of that new house? i can't wait to see it.


That was interesting to read! Thanks for sharing!
What new book did you start? I'm always looking for good books to read.


Hi! Wow! You've had a very busy past few years. Congrats on the new dream home, and your sweet children. I'm so happy to see that God healed your little girl.

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