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I can't wait to come and see your house! (hint, hint ;) )

Jen K

I like that picture of her...she looks younger!! Hurry home, Syd....we miss you!


Yea for all the things getting done at your house. That is so exciting. I love that picture of Syd. She does look so young. It's hard to believe she is going to be in 5th grade. I am so happy that you let her come home with us. I know you miss her lots, but we are having a blast with her here. Don't worry, we've been taking good care of her and giving her lots of love. I'm going to be so sad when she has to go back to Yakima. Off to enjoy some time with the kids! Love you!


Anxious to see pictures of your house, how exciting to be getting things done there!

Mrs. Newman

Oh I bet you misses Syd so bad, I hope she is coming back home soon. Sara you need to post some pictures of that Beautiful home of yours, or I might just stop by at your house uninvited hahaha! Let's do dinner soon. I need some downtime, hope you guys are having a good summer! See ya, call me.

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