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Hi Sara! We are so excited that things are going so well! Can't wait to see you...neighbor!


Praise the Lord! I am SO ANXIOUS to see you guys, and can't wait to see Audrey tomorrow morning. I love you and miss you! So glad that God allowed Chrisanna to come be with you. What a blessing! Now I'm feeling all emotional!! I love you Sara and I am amazed at how amazingly well you handle everything that is on your plate. I am so glad that you have answers to some of your questions and that your kids will finally have relief from the pain they experience every minute of every day!


Hey sweetie! Great post from Chris! Wow, Audrey's skin is sooooooo smooth! Praise the Lord! Can't wait to see you and Colton! 3 more "full" days! Yipee!
Love you!

Jen K

We know you're too busy to post!! So happy to see Colton's little face though. Man, I miss you guys!! hurry home. :)


I was their only part of the time and it's very tiring, especailly when Colton wants to wrestle at 4am instead of sleep. Words cannot begin to describe how amazing you are to step out for your kids and do anything and everything they need. I'm so proud to be married to you and have you as my best friend. I can't wait for you to come back. I'm counting the hours. I love you and God bring you home safe.


Sara! I admire you! I can't imagine how busy you are now a days, I can only pray that GOD gives you and Dusty more strength and more patience to endure times like this you guys are going through. Colton's FACE!!! looks amazing! Can't wait to hang out with you when you come back home. Take care and God be with you on your way home soon.


I am so glad to hear he is doing better! You are in my thoughts and prayers.


So good to hear that Colton is doing better. Hang in there, you will be home soon!


what an answer to prayer.


After reading Chrisanna's post, I can only imagine how stressful this time has been for you. It sounds like you are handling it incredibly well though. I bet you're thankful, even more than before, for the great family you've been blessed with.

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