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Jen K

Great list, Sar. All of it is so true!


Great post for a great mom! Happy Birthday Cathy!!


Happy Birthday Cathy!


Oh you little sweetie! Thanks so much for all the kind words! I think you may be a little prejudice? Love much honey, thanks again!


So sweet Sara. You did a great job describing her. She truly is the best in so many ways. Happy Birthday MOM!


Hmm... I never commented here! Love your list (suck up.) Just kidding!! :) About the suck up part, not about loving the list. :)

Anyways, now I can say that I LOVE your new banner. So cute!!

Christi Kitt

I want to see some photos of your house, how is it doing. I'm sure it is keeping you so busy that you don't have time to post about it.

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