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Yea! I've been checking for pictures from one of you all afternoon! She is a beautiful baby! I'm so glad to hear everything went well! Thanks for sharing!

Jen K

How did you get this picture?? I thought I left that card at the hospital.....


CONGRATULATIONS SAM, KEVIN AND BOYS!!! And to the rest of the family. She is BeAuTifUl!! I could not believe how fast she came. Chrisanna called me to tell me Sam had gone to the hospital and within 10 mins she was calling to say Ava was here. Such an exciting day! Ahhhh, she is so precious!


How precious! She is adorable! Congratulations!


YAY!!! I was thinking about Sam all day and checking blogs...I thought I'd check one last time before I went to bed.


she is adorable!!! congratulations deyettes and you too aunty ;)


I was hoping to see a picture of her! Congratulations!


Ahhh, what a precious baby girl! Thank you so much for posting a picture of her. I just couldn't wait any longer to see her. She is beautiful!

Cynthia (Jen's friend)

She is a beautiful little girl. Congratulations on the family's newest little blessing!

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