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Sounds like you have a lot going on right now! That's awesome about Sydney and Gracie playing soccer..what fun.


We're praying for you guys. You definitely have so much on your plate and I know it's not easy. Can't wait to see the girls play soccer!


Love to hear about "Daddy, Daughter" dates! Sounds like you have alot going on! Glad you had a good trip to Boise.


I always enjoy our road trips Sar and this one was a blast! I know it's different for you guys but I so enjoy the quality time with the kids. Brings back lots of memories; good ones! I'm praying for you sweetie - Something I learned about prayer is that when it seems like I'm so overwhelmed or weary that I cannot even pray, that's the BEST time. God knows your heart so you don't have to worry about the words. Just find a "spot" and sit with Jesus. You don't have to "do" a thing honey, just fall down before Him and He will lift you up! I hope you're able to re-connect with your bible study group, (I'll watch the kids for you), because it's so important to maintain that focus on God. Have a great week - Love you!


Sounds like you have a lot going on right now! I will absolutely be praying for you guys!

To your mom - I know these words were meant for Sara but I want you to know they encouraged me this morning. Thank you.


First, you will be in my prayers. I think your mom said it perfect. (She is so encouraging!)

I am so glad you guys got to come in for Chrisanna's party. All of you here is what made it so fun! Thanks for coming.

Mom B

Sweetie, your mom said it all. We all need someone to remind us of the awesome God we serve. He knows your every need and the future that lies ahead. Just remember He's carrying you in His arms and He will see you through. Just remember to trust and have faith. Cling to His promises. We all love you and pray for you each and every day. You have family and friends that will surround you with love. You and Dusty are an amazing example at such a young age. We love you.


We are praying for you guys too! I think mom said it best. I love hearing random bits about your kids. They're too cute, but then again I am partial since they're family. :)


I AM PRAYING FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! I have been thinking about you a lot. Just remember that I am always here for you.

Thank you so much for making my surprise party so special. I was so shocked to see you and your family. It was awesome. I had such a great time and was so happy to be able to spend time with all of you. I love you!

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