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is it that i can see your reflection in the stamp kit photo?? is it? is it?


Jen, Jen, Jen, you found it. I know it wasn't hard. I just noticed myself in the reflection and wanted to do a rak so I figured why not? Congrats to you and everyone else reading because I will do another RAK for the stamps and I will be sending something else to you (she already has them).


don't send anything to me, just giveaway the stamps to whomever I choose! :) You made me guess....i didn't want to do it...


Ooo, that was a good one! I never would've gotten that! I've been trying to think of a good little contest and can't come up with anything. I like the idea of a hunt. :)
Cool stuff! I love the idea of the heart pictures! Those will be cute! We did something similar to that last year and it turned out really cute! I'll be looking for your pictures! :)


Bummer. I looked and couldn't find anything. My first thought was that maybe the calendar was open to August for a certain reason, like that is when baby #5 is due? Okay, so I know that's not the case, but I thought it was a good guess. Good job Jen!

What fun stuff you've gotten and such good deals. I love the "&" sign and the heart. Those will be some adorable pictures. I could go crazy over all of those letters at Craft Warehouse. I love words/signs in my house. Thanks for sharing pictures of all of your goodies with us.


Looks like very fun stuff!


Where have I been? Guess I missed out on this one. Great schtuff!

Cynthia (Jen's friend)

I would have never seen your reflection...Good eye Jen:)What do you think you might do with the "&" sign? I saw some at Walmart and thought they might be cute, I was thinking of doing "J&C", cheesy I know... What were you thinking of doing? I would love any ideas.


Great stuff! Love it all!


Actually if you have a Pottery Barn magazine look inside and they have it on shelves in between different things. Actually my sister Sam bought a K&S to put her in bedroom! Oh, and if you don't have a Pottery Barn magazine, get one! You can get great ideas from it!

Cynthia (Jen's friend)

What a good idea, I want a "J&C" for our bedroom, now that I can picture it, I really like the idea of putting in the bedroom. It's sweet! For some reason I only get the kids Pottery Barn magazine, I'll sign up for the other one.

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