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Yay, so glad you're back! Those pictures are making me hungry. I am totally going to make those chicken tenders. You know I love sour cream and onion chips! If I could only find a recipe that called for Twix bars... ; )


GREAT to hear from you! Yummy! Those chicken tenders look awesome. I wish I could cook like you. You are so talented in that area. Just wish I lived closer so we could sample some of your goodies more often. Sounds like a wonderful valentine's day for the girls. You are such a sweet mom to do that for them. What a fun day.


Jen - I will find you a recipe, in fact I know of one, but it is not dinner!!


I love it when I get to use my mixers and stuff too. Must be a girl thing...or a mother/wife thing! Your food looks delish.


BTW, your pictures are adorable!! Thanks for sharing!


Just noticed your new album. Not sure if you had it up earlier when I looked or not. Great pictures! Those waffles look awesome. What a fun breakfast. That would definitely put me in a happy mood to wake up to that. The gifts are adorable too. Thanks for sharing your creativeness with us all. Way to go Super MOM!


I will definately be trying the chicken tender recipe! Love all your pictures from Valentine's Day! You make me feel like a slacker of a mom! My boys don't care yet, maybe next year.

Jen Smith

you really decked the place out for V day didn't you. It looks awesome. i'm sure the girls loved it. those recipes look tasty too...may have to try yet another.


I love kitchen stuff too! There's just something about the kitchen aide and the food processor that make feel like RR, if only for a few minutes of the day. I saw the show where she made those chicken fingers. When we have leftover chips I crush them and put them in a jar to use for that very purpose. They always taste different just based on the type of chips we've had and lots of times I add seasoning. BTW you are super mom, what a great valentines for your family!


What a fun Valentine's Day! We had a special breakfast & lunch and of course lots of candy. The kids loved it! I'm sure your's did too!

I saw the show when she made those chicken tenders & I thought they would be good. Nice to know someone has tried them already. :) I'll be adding it to my list. I've really been wanting to make banana bread but haven't had time. I already have a really good recipe but as soon as you mentioned sour cream in yours I knew I had to try it! I'll let you know how it turns out! :)

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