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Yea!!! A fun post to read! :) Wow girl, you've scored lately. I loved that EAT sign, but couldn't think of a good place for it. So glad you got it and that whole system too! I love that paper organizer, and the friendship bracelets... too cute. Where did you get those chipboard shapes? And I've been drinking a lot of that french vanilla too so I'm not in line at Starbucks!! I also want to pick up some of those cute jammies sets at Costco.

Jen Smith

two hurs to do a blog post...not bad for a new mommy :)
ilove all of the things you have bought lately. that devotion book is sooo cute. may have to hop over to costco for that one.


Very fun post! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. You have got some cool stuff. Where are the dresses from? You didn't tell me about that one! I am going to get that devotional book, I love it!


Yea! I'm glad someone else was able to get that PB thing. I love mine and Mike actually suggested getting some more to add to it but we decided against it. Good thing too since the price went up. Isn't that weird? I too think someone made a mistake & that it was just meant to be! :) You'll have to share pictures once you get it all set up. Where are you putting it?


Okay so I got so excited to see you got the thing that I didn't actually read the whole post. Or the two before this one. Oops!
I'm so sorry your little guy is sick. It kind of sounds like the same thing Carson has going on. He just got over a double ear infection and now has the coughing/wheezing junk. It makes me so sad to see him coughing so hard. I can't imagine even a smaller boy having it. I hope he's feeling better soon!
I was just at Target and didn't see those placemats. We always change with the season so I probably have Valentine ones already but those are cute!
Alright I think that's enough commenting from me. :)


Looks like lots of fun stuff! Colton is so sweet...looks more and more like Gracie to me!

Cynthia (Jen's friend)

Sara, I am officially a blog stalker. Love reading about all the sales and stuff and I love the EAT letters. I just wanted to let you know that blended rice milk lattes are the best. Not hot or iced, blended. I can't have milk either and this is one drink I really love. I only found one place in your town that has them and it is down by my sisters house. BTW your family is adorable.


Jen - The dresses are from Target. They have them in the toddlers sizes 12m - 5T. They also have coordinating skirts which I also contemplated with a cute shirt.

Kelly - So glad to see you post. Isn't it wierd how people posting on your blog can bring you happiness?! I am going to probably put at least part of it in my new kitchen. We are in the process of beginning to build. Hopefully we will be done this summer. If it all doesn't fit together in my kitchen then maybe half will go in my laundry room? I will find a place for it I am sure and if not I am sure I know some people that might want it :)


Awesome stuff! I LOVE the PB wall system. I can't wait to see your new house all decorated. I also love the red EAT as well. Thanks for pictures of all of your new goodies that you shared with us. What a fun post. Isn't it funny how a 3-hole punch can bring so much happiness to a person? I hope your little guy gets over his cold soon.


You have gotten some awesome deals! I went to go show Jeff that PB stuff one night and was bummed they had raised their prices. I also think they made a mistake but I am glad you and my sister were able to get in on it.


Thanks for sharing all the eye candy! So fun:)

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