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Jen Smith

That is so cool that you are designing your own house. How fun to get everything just how you want it. Have fun getting all your work done.
Hope your little guy is better soon.


I hope Colton gets better soon! I hate it when tiny babies get sick because they're so helpless!

I want to go back before the sale is over and get some more paper, I just had to take stock of what I already have! Did you get anything else besides the paper?

Also, very exciting about the house plans!! :)


Don't forget to post those pics either! :) I love seeing what other people are getting.


Okay, so when you said that you stayed home from church with a sick baby and then said "he" has a cough, I thought you missed typed he and meant to say she. Why does it still seem so crazy that you have a BOY? Anyways, I hope he gets better soon. It's so hard when little ones are sick.

I hope you get a lot of organizing done today. I'm thinking I need a label maker too.

I am so happy for you to be working on your house plans. Exciting stuff! Please call me if you have any questions. I would love to help you out.

Share some pictures soon of your new finds. Happy Organizing!


How exciting about your house! I bet you can't wait to get started.


Man, it seems like everyone is sick. I hope it doesn't invade our house although with so many people we know being sick I am sure we will have our turn. Hope you little guy is feeling better soon.

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