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Okay, just keep in mind that I didn't do my best with editing. I was in a hurry cause I wanted Sara to see the pics really bad.


They are so awesome!! Such precious keepsakes!! You did great, Sam, as always. :) Now I just need to decide which one I want!


You have the sweetest little baby! Such good pictures.


Love them all!!! Way to go Sam!

Jen Smith

Sam did such a great job. So many cute ones to choose from. And he didn't seem to mind all that moving while he was sleeping. What a good baby.


Oh my goodness, what AWESOME pictures! Sam did an excellent job. So creative. I was trying to narrow it down to my favorites, but they are all so good. I love all of the props, colors, and especially the precious little baby boy. What precious keepsakes to have. Maybe she'll have to snap a few of my kids when we are there. You think that will happen with 15 little kids running around (our 13 plus Jodi's 2). :) BTW mom if you're reading this, I LOVE your new furniture.

Mom B

Sweet, sweet pictures! Sam is awesome. Grandpa and I particularly liked our little "cowboy" Keep those pics coming.

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