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Love the pics. You look GREAT in that picture, doesn't look like you just popped a baby out. :) It is pretty amazing how different boys are. They look like little men, even as newborns. :) I can't wait to hold him again... I'm just waiting for this dumb cold to go away, but we know how long colds take!!


You made my night by posting these pictures!! There is an easier way....I'll walk you through it tomorrow. Can't wait to see more!!


You have a beautiful family! You look SO GOOD! If I only looked half that good in my hospital pictures :) Colton is such a cute little boy. I just love his hair!

Mom B

I love those pictures. Colton just keeps changing daily. We feel so blessed to be a part of your lives. We love you and keep those pics coming.

Jen Smith

I can't believe how good you look in that picture! Just beautiful. You have such a gorgeous family and that baby...I could just eat him up.


Absolutely adorable! I love the family pic - all of you piled on your bed - brings back such sweet memories! With Colton changing sooooooo much each day it's really hard to tell who he resembles more!?! Oh well, he's happy, healthy, and loved - the most important things. Love you all!

Kelly (andrea's sister)

Oh my goodness he is so precious! And I must agree with everyone else, you look great! Congratulations on the sweet baby boy!


Ok, did you give birth, or did the stork bring him because you look fabulous! What a great family!


oh my goodness! He is so handsome:) And you look FABULOUS in that picture! Congrats!


I have to agree. You look amazing in that picture. You do not look like you just had a baby. He is so precious! I cannot wait to kiss that little man. Less than two weeks and counting! I know you're busy, but I would love to see some more pictures. Love ya!

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