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Girl!? If I hadn't had to take my time off from blogging this summer, then I so would have been all over you for being gone so long! Very cute pics, sounds like a fun afternoon. Those are definitely the times you will cherish. I like the new changes on your blog. Looks great sista!


Soooo good to hear from you! I know you've been busy. Your blog looks great. Love the green and love the new pic of yourself. I remember coming home from school, grabbing a good snack and watching soap operas until the very last minute we had to get our chores done before mom got home. I'm sure our kids will never do anything like that. What a fun memory for your kids. Very sweet pictures you captured. I LOVE all of them, but the one of Colton is just precious. Pure joy. Thanks for taking the time to blog. I've missed you in the blogging world.


First off, love the green and new pic. Second, I totally did the same thing when I came home from school. Grabbed a snack and headed to the basement (out of Mom's view) to watch Days of Our Lives! Such fun kid pics too. Glad to hear everyone is healthy again.


Love your new color on your blog!! The pictures are sooooo cute. Ahhh, memories, watching Days of our Lives and then trying to hurry and finish the dishes before mom came home.......good ol days!!


I love the new colors on your blog. It looks good. Love the pictures and stories too. I think Chrisanna has shared the Days one with me before. Too funny. Colton looks like he is changing a lot. He is so cute! Can't wait to see more pictures.


You figured it out!! Good job Sara! :)

Jen Smith

I love the new colors. Blue is my favorite so I am digging this :) I am glad everything is getting back to normal around your house.

Kelly  (Andrea's sister)

Dare I admit to still sneaking an episode of Days from time to time?

I love doing those fun spontaneous things with my kids! Like you said what memories are made of.
Love the new blog look too! :)

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