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Jen Smith

You guys did go through a lot with Audrey. I remember when Chrisanna first told me that she was having problems and what could've been and it is a miracle of what God can do to hear how she is doing today. How awesome that she is ok and what an inspiration you are to be able to take the circumstances that you had with Audrey and still raise two other children. You are a very strong person.


I am very thankful, too, for our little miracle Audrey! That video got me a little choked up too.


I too am so incredibly thankful to God for the miracle He has performed in Audrey's life. She is such a special blessing to our family. You and Dusty were both so strong through it all and exampled true faith in God. That video brought tears to my eyes and caused me to sit back and reflect on my life. I am so blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy children. Sar, thanks for being a blessing to me today as I read the testimony on your blog.

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